How I Got More Mileage Out Of My Wardrobe: The ReNEW Rotation

Like anyone who’s ever struggled to find the perfect outfit, there are many moments when I look at my closet and genuinely feel that I have nothing to wear. And in these moments, I want to go out on a giant shopping spree and buy all the clothes I see.

Other times, the vision of a perfect, efficient and polished life takes hold and I want to throw out my clothes and keep only 10 superb, pristine outfits so that I will always look put-together and fabulous no matter what I reach for.

But each time I’m on the verge of implementing this strategy, I think about all the whimsical and costume-y outfits I like to put together and how limiting it would be to only have the 10 outfits in my closet. So I table the idea and move on.


BUT YOU GUYS, I think I just found the holy grail of closet rotations. And just to make sure it really works, I tested this one out for an entire month first before sharing (you can read about my other rotation system here). I’m now on the second month and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I’m officially calling it the “ReNEW Rotation”™ and here’s how it works:

1. Choose a theme. Because August always feels like the last month of summer to me, my theme for the month was: Bright Colors. But it can obviously be anything: nautical, stripes, polka-dots, resort, navy and orange, black and white, Jackie O, etc.

2. Pull 15-25 items from your closet that fit your theme. From skirts and blazers to shawls and belts, go through your closet and select anything that speaks to your theme. Don’t forget shoes.

3. Place all the items together in the same section of your closet, in the spotlight. Above is what the right side of my closet looked like after this step. It’s easier if you can hang everything in one place instead of keeping some items in drawers. I also like to organize from left to right: shorts, skirts, tops, dresses, blazers. You can place shoes that fit your theme on shelves underneath your “spotlight” clothes.

4. Pull from this section first when selecting your outfit everyday. There will obviously be occasions that require you to choose other outfits, i.e. work events, special occasions, bad moods (all black clothes for that, thanks), but the majority of your outfits will come from this selection.

5. Repeat with a new theme at the end of the month. For September, my theme is Shades of Blue (my favorite color), with gold jewelry as the accent.


The three biggest perks of this system: (1) It’s so much easier to pick your outfit every day; (2) You give each piece within the theme proper love and attention (no more guilt about not wearing certain items); and (3) You actually miss the rest of your wardrobe and it’s exciting to rediscover it as you prep for the next theme/month!

Also, by grouping items by theme, you’ll be inspired to create new outfits without buying new things.


To celebrate this new system and illustrate the “bright colors” August theme, I made Jordan help me with a photo shoot, the results of which are displayed throughout this post. Photo shoots are tough, man. Major props to all the fashion bloggers out there who do this regularly. Putting on the outfits and finding the backdrops was one thing, but also posing (which I hate) while strangers walked by was another pain entirely!


So there it is. I hope my new system can help others wrangle their closets too! I’ll post an update after September’s “Shades of Blue” theme as well and we can compare notes if it’s working for anyone else.

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